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Naturopathic Care with Dr. Martin

Natural Healing,

To heal the core you must find the root cause. It’s simpler than you think, and it will change your life.
About me

Hi! I’m Dr. Serena Martin, your naturopathic doctor and nutrition expert in New York City.

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Dr.Serena Martin?

I firmly believe in the power of nature and the natural laws of the body. I offer a unique approach to creating a complete and personalized path to wellness. Together we can achieve success in helping you attain optimal health.

Your in-person appointments will take place in my office where I only see patients one at a time so I can fully support you during your session.


A highly qualified nutrition specialist, Serena is a graduate of the prestigious New York University Clinical Nutrition program. She went on to complete an internship in dietetics at New York Presbyterian Hospital.


Voted the top dietitian in NYC in 2015, Serena does more than just supervise the diet of her clients. By creating customized nutrition plans tailored to your medical history, daily routine, preferences and diet.


By building partnerships with clients, Serena can help set realistic goals and implement lifelong changes. This allows clients to improve their overall wellness, enjoy longterm weight loss, and manage chronic conditions.

Healing Story

“Dr.Martin helped me overcome my illness and maintain a happy and healthy life!”

I started to work with Serena in order to get to the core of my issues. What was inflaming me and why was this happening? My skin cleared up, not only chronic acne but horrible psoriasis, my constant swelling and pain went down, itchy skin, rashes, headaches, breathing problems, anxiety... everything subsided.I have never felt more alive and in control of my own health.

Do you suffer from one or more of the following?
  • You often feel tired, fatigued, and run down during your day.
  • You eat a healthy diet (most of the time), but still struggle to lose weight or feel good in your body.
  • You have chronic symptoms such as bloating, irritable bowel, pain, skin issues, headaches, or depression.
  • You are juggling work, kids, LIFE, and need easy ways to boost energy and overall well-being.
  • You don’t have the time or motivation to go through a lengthy process. You want fast results.

None of these are your actual problem. Let’s figure out what’s really causing them.

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A better approach to health

Proven methods that actually address your core health problems

Clear Inflammation
Repair Your Gut
Balance Hormones
Energy and Mind

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Find insight, guidance, and further encouragement to reclaim your life.


Have you ever wondered how what you eat affects your health? Healthy eating is key to a good lifestyle and positive mental wellbeing. However, many cooks and chefs are unsure of how to create healthy recipes and meals.


For people looking to work as a nutritionist or wanting to enhance their performance in their current role by providing a better advice on leading a healthy lifestyle.


What is nutrition?, positive effects of a balanced diet, negative effects of a poor diet, twhich foods make up a healthy and balanced diet?

Internationally bestselling book

Natural Healing, Simplified. Naturopatic Care with Dr.Martin

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I firmly believe in the power of nature and the natural laws of the body. I offer a unique approach to creating a complete and personalized path to wellness.

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Success Stories & Testimonials

“If you are looking for incredible support and guidance Laura is the person for you. She is very knowledgeable and helped me through the worst part of my pregnancy. I felt sick 24/7- couldn’t keep any food down! She knows how to switch up food items and give suggestions that really worked for me. Truly a lifesaver.”

“Laura has been AMAZING! This is my second pregnancy. I reached out because I gained way too much weight during my first pregnancy and I really wanted this one to be different. Laura showed me easy ways to implement healthy eating into my lifestyle. Nothing crazy or unrealistic! Really enjoyed my experience with her and I look forward to working with her more.”

“I have struggled with my weight due to PCOS for my entire life. I reached out to Laura as basically my last hope.She has been incredible. I lost 20 pounds in the first few months working with her. What I really loved about working with Laura is how comfortable I felt with her the moment I met her. I wouldn't look anywhere else if you struggle with PCOS and body image issues.”

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